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Joseph Paquet painting Studio

Portland, Oregon
7-Day Studio Workshop: The Big Idea
Creating a Large Painting in the Studio

Saturday - Friday, February 17-23, 2018
Hours: 9am - 4pm (1-Hour Lunch)

The Big Idea Class

This will be my fourth time teaching this highly-effective class. You will have the opportunity to implement a workable strategy for approaching a large work successfully indoors. Daily lectures will take you from concept to finish while making sound, personal choices.

Oregon Society of Artisits
2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon 97205
Hours: 9am-4pm (1-Hour Lunch)

Cost: $1,200

To secure a spot in the workshop, please complete the registration form (click to download) and make payment in full to:

Joseph Paquet Studio, LLC
308 Prince St. # 234
St. Paul, MN 55101

Feel free to call me with any questions @ 651.485.5807

First Morning will begin with a lecture to discuss materials, palette management, composition and show examples by some of the greats. (Be sure to have a notebook!)
Each day will begin with a 45-minute lecture to discuss concepts relevant to the day's work ahead.

Materials List

Notebook or sketchbook — for prepatory studies or sketches
1 Large Canvas or Panel — Examples: 18x24, 20x24 ,24x30, 30x40
3 Small Panels 8x10 or 9x12
(I recommend Panels from New Traditions Art Panels)
I use Type 15 Claessens linen

Easel: I recommend a good quality French Easel
(Example: The Original Julian Full Box)
It can handle up to 30" in Height and up to a 40" Panel if used with a Bungee Cord.

You will be able to leave your gear set up each night.

Reference Material: Optimum would be a color study from life or the field, supplemental drawings and/or an excellent photo printed to at least 8x10".
If you do not have studies from life to work from, be sure whatever photo image you choose has clear patterns of light & shadow.

Choose an image which excites you! (A week is a long time to work through a mundane image.)

White (Large Tube - 220 ml) Titanium or Cremation
Cad Yellow Lt (Old Holland, Rembrandt, Graham)
Cad Yellow (Windsor Newton) Note- Not WN Winton as these are
under pigmented student-grade.
Cad Orange (Winsor Newton)
Cad Scarlet (Winsor Newton)
Cad Red (Winsor Newton)
Alizarin Crimson (Winsor Newton)
Manganese Blue (Old Holland)
Cobalt Blue (Winsor Newton)
Ultramarine Blue (Winsor Newton)
Ivory Black (Winsor Newton)
Raw Umber (Old Holland)
Mediums / Solvents:
Medium – Mixed 50/50, Coldpressed Linseed Oil & Gamsol in a small bottle.
(Be sure to have ONLY Gamsol as a solvent — it outgasses the least of all solvents and we will be together in one large room!)

Palette Cup(s) Preferably with screw top
Palette Knife (Long Blade )

Long Bristle Flats or Filberts – Recommendations, Robert Simmons Signet, Raphael Series 359, Rosemary.
(Have at least 2 of every other size 2,4,6,8,10,12)

Retouch Varnish – Small Bottle 2.5oz: Winsor Newton Artist Retouch Varnish
Varnish Brush - 2"

Brush Washer: Metal Variety with a vacuum top lid for solvents
Bungee cords

Paper Towels
Garbage Bag

Humility & Patience (Not Optional)