Joseph Paquet Studio
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Joseph Paquet Painting Studio

Print and T.V.

Washington Post Sunday Magazine
Article: Lay of the Landscape
September 17, 1995
Classical Realism Journal
Article: Focus on Excellence Minnesota
Spring 1999
KARE 11 News Segment
Studio/Field Interview
Spring 1999
Southwest Art Magazine
Column: Artist to Watch, (page 20)
January 2001
The Artist Magazine
Article: A Passion for Plein Air (pages 62-64)
May 2002
Plein Air Magazine
Article: Masters & Mentors (page 73)
July 2005
Southwest Art Magazine
Article: "Everyday Poetry" (pages 74-77)
August 2009
Landscape Painting
by Mitch Albala (pages 68, 111)
Watson Guptil Publications
American Artist Workshop Magazine
Article: "10 Keys to Effectively Judging The Important Relationships in Painting" (pages 18-25)
Summer 2010
Sketchbook Confidential
Secrets from the Private Sketches of Over 40 Master Artists
Edited by Pam Wissman, Stephanie Laufesweiler
Northlight Books
TPT Twin Cities Public Television PBS
"Minnesota Original" (Episode I)
California Light
A Century of Landscapes
Paintings of the California Art Club
by Jean Stern & Molly Siple (pages 192, 228)
Artist & Illustrators
Article: The Harmony of Compliments (page 71)
Summer 2011
Plein Air Magazine
Article: Documents of Conservation & Growth (page 29)
Fall 2011
The Artist's Magazine
Article: "Bigger is Better" by Joe Paquet (pages 29-35)
October 2012
Art of the National Parks
Historic Connections — Contemporary Interpretations (pages 307-311) by Jean Stern, Susan Hallsten McGarry, Terry Lawson Dunk
Book available on Amazon
June 2013
Plein Air Magazine
Artist Profile: Speaking Through Our Paintings
(pages 31-36)
January 2015
Western Art & Architecture Magazine
Article: A Record of Industry by Rose Fredrick
Aug/Sept 2017